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1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Speaker: Catrice Opichka, RDH, MS
Fee: DDS $139; Staff $69
Seating Limit: 100
AGD Code: 158

Because of decades of research, dental professionals feel comfortable educating patients on the negative effects of smoking and using chewing tobacco. However, when confronted with questions about the risks of vaping, we are unsure of how to approach these questions because of the lack of past research and abundance of misinformation available to our patients. However, that is about to change! Fortunately, a push from the CDC and FDA has sparked new studies done at major universities that now shed light on the many risks of using vaping products. We will uncover the truth about the chemicals that are produced during vaping, and discuss the cancer-causing risks from breathing these vapors.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize the chemicals that are produced during the process of vaping, and the cancer risks of these chemicals.
  • Understand the current and future laws and regulations on e-cigarettes and discover the best places to find the latest clinical research to share with our patients.
  • Design a patient education plan for the dental practice that includes e-cigarettes, vaping both e-liquid and cannabis oil, JUULing, and hookahs.

This course is designed for dentists and hygienists.

Co-sponsored by MDA Insurance and MDA Services.

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