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2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Speaker: Sanjay Chand, MD
Fee: $49/DDS; $29/Staff
AGD Code: 010

This presentation will describe cannabis use by the dental patient with potential effects in the oral cavity. It will elaborate the modes of use, psychotropic action and effects of cannabis on the systemic health of an individual. Evidence of oral effects of cannabis will be discussed in detail. Recommendations at the state and federal level will be described.

Learning objectives:

  • Discuss various types of cannabis products and their mode of use.
  • Describe the availability and legal status of cannabis in Michigan and compare it to other states in the United States.
  • Describe the systemic effects of cannabis with emphasis on the psychotropic effects.
  • Discuss scientific basis of potential effects of cannabis in the oral cavity.
  • Discuss ADA recommendations and strategies for effectively working with patients who use cannabis.

This course is designed for the entire dental team.

Co-sponsored by MDA Insurance and MDA Services.

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