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10:00 am - 11:00 am

Speaker: Jeff Havens
Fee: $49/DDS; $29/Staff
AGD Code: 010

This session concentrates on the human behaviors that have brought the patient experience to where it is today, then synthesizes those behaviors into four simple realities that provide a clear vision for how to move forward. Decoding Your Patients will answer why patients behave the way they do and how you can meet their needs — not only today, but into the foreseeable future as well. This means these strategies are relevant to every business — whether you’re trying to fine-tune your existing customer experience, increase market share during disruptive times, or redesign your customer experience from scratch.

Learning objectives:

  • Learning to resist the desire to predict the future and instead
    appreciate that patient needs and desires are rooted in our core
    psychology, which remains constant regardless of massive changes or unexpected disruption.
  • How the drive for convenience has changed in the past 30 years,
    and what that means for how you design and sell treatment plans,
    products and services.
  • The effect of constant connection on patient behavior, and how
    smart businesses have learned to think smaller in order to grow.

This course designed for the entire dental team.

This course counts toward the Dental Business Professional certification.
Earn 2 credits in the Communication category. Click here for more information on the MDA Certified Dental Business Professional program. Look for this logo for other CDBP-qualifying courses.

Co-sponsored by MDA Insurance and MDA Services.

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