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1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Speaker: Toni Roucka, RN, DDS, MA
Fee: DDS $59; Staff $29
Seating Limit: 100
AGD Code: 550/555

As the world’s digital population grows, so does the reach and usage of social media. Social networks, with which users can access all kinds of information, are a part of everyday life and continue to transform the way we interact with one another on a global scale. Some dentists are digital communication mavens, both personally and professionally. Others are reluctant. Regardless of dentists’ attitudes and talents with digital media, their practices are affected by patients who are skilled in its use. This course will explore the ethical implications associated with social media use.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain how social media is changing and challenging the dental profession.
  • Recognize ethical issues in social media.
  • Apply best practices in the ethical utilization of social media in dental practice.

This course is designed for the entire dental team.

This course counts toward the Certified Dental Business Professional program. Earn 1 credit in the Marketing/Social Media category. Click here for more information on the MDA Certified Dental Business Professional program. Look for this logo for other CDBP-qualifying courses.

Sponsored by the American College of Dentists.

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