Course Details
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Speaker: Ted C. Schumann II, MBA, MSFCFP, AIF
Fee: $29 per person
AGD Code: 550

Dentistry is a bright and rewarding career. However, when it comes to finances, dentists are often unprepared to manage high debt loads from student loans, mortgages, and practice debt. The debt load, coupled with the need to build personal wealth and avoid costly mistakes, can pose a challenge for dentists who have little formal training in these areas. This course will draw on the experiences of many dentists over the years to teach attendees what not to do!

Learning objectives:

  • Effective and efficient debt management.
  • Sound investment principles and how to avoid critical mistakes.
  • Overcoming the dreaded “lifestyle creep.”
  • Position attendees to prosper and achieve financial independence.

This course is designed for dentists.
Recommended by the New Dentist Committee.

Co-sponsored by The DBS Companies, MDA Insurance, and MDA Services.

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