Course Details
8:30 am - 10:30 am


Speaker: TBA
Fee: DDS $99; Staff $49
Seating Limit: 100
AGD Code: 010

More than 90% of patients who can visualize their oral conditions are better prepared to make health-related decisions, explore treatment, and discuss payment options. Digital health scans help the average person grasp the importance of their dental health and help health care providers make decisions easier to understand. Visualizing oral health connects oral health to overall patient health, which improves health outcomes, case acceptance, patient retention, and referrals.

Learning objectives:

  • Help patients visualize their oral conditions to improve patient health outcomes.
  • Create understanding with patients on how oral inflammation caused by pathogens.
  • Induce a systemic increase in inflammatory markers.
  • Visually encourage case acceptance and increase patient rapport and referrals.

This course is designed for dentists and hygienists.

Co-sponsored by MDA Insurance and MDA Services.